Over the past two months, InfoWorld’s Robert X. Cringely has been running surveys on the BuzzDash and Tynan on Technology sites.

Among other topics, Cringely and his team have asked users about operating systems.
Question 2 on the survey was: You’re buying a new OS. Which one would you pick?
Cringely wrote:

More than 400 people responded to this one, and the results are:Windows Vista (13 per cent), Windows XP (70 per cent), Linux (8 percent), and the Mac OS (9 per cent).
Frankly, this one surprised me. Oh, I knew Vista would take it in theshorts, but I expected a stronger showing by the Mac OS. The Applefanboys were probably too busy trying to get MobileMe to work to weighin. Commenter Austin says,

“I run XP on four machines and Ubuntu on another machine. Hell willfreeze over before I install Vista. Dell’s customer support may stinkto high heaven but their marketing is smart to continue selling XP.”