(Last Updated: 04/24/2009 11:52PM) Only 11 days ago I wrote about how Apple announced “the race” to a billion IPhone application downloads from their iTunes App Store – in that short time there have been an unbelievable 70+ Million more downloads and now we have a winner.. If you're one of my regular readers (Thanks Mom & Dad!), Apple was obviously not going to let the baby shaker application be involved in the fanfare. At this point we don't know the what or the who – What application was the billionth to be downloaded? Who was the lucky one to have downloaded it? Apple has indicated they will announce it, on their Billion App Countdown promotion page. Let's wait for it…I know it wasn't me. I was enjoying some of the best greek food in Manhattan at Uncle Nicks – it was an anlog evening for me. How about you? Update 04/24/2009 11:52PM – Apple announces winner details here Liked this post? Browse through all my posts here. Thanks…Pedro Or better yet, Subscribe to my blog now!

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