Now you can send videos from beyond the grave

Published: December 12th, 2008

We received a somewhat macabre press release recently that detailed how we can now send video messages to our loved ones via the Internet once we’re dead, dismembered, or demented. is a “Web site for people to send e-mail video messages and greetings at a specified date and time in the future.”

The press release helpfully supplies more than a full page of often-disturbing scenarios where you’d want to record a message for your loved ones.

They include:

• Receiving a message from your dead dad on your wedding day

• Recording birthday greetings for your grandchildren before you’re too senile (or, as the release puts it, “capturing your vim and vigor while you’ve still got it”)

• Setting up videos to be sent out after you’ve croaked from a terminal illness

• Allowing soldiers to record videos to send before they head off to duty–you know, where they’ll be killed!

• Sending yourself the “before” videos of your fat self during a weight loss program

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