A press release in my inbox hails an “innovative Web site” which delivers personlized video greetings from bikini-clad women to smart phone users.
Truly innovative. Who could have dreamed up women in bikinis on the Internet? The imagination staggers.
But I digress.
“Could there be anything better than cutting-edge technology and hot women in bikinis?  We certainly don’t think so,” enthuses Christopher Harding, co-founder of BikiniTones.
In the interest of research, and at the cost of great personal hardship, the site was duly checked out. Visitors can choose from a number of barely dressed beauties to deliver messages to your pals (or, likely as not, yourself) for $2.99. Some sample greetings: “I Heard Today Was Ur Birthday”; “I Heard About The Break-Up…”; and “Would You Be My Valentine?” (this from the ironically named Charity Hodges).
That sound you hear is a mournful sigh from decorum.