going-natural.jpgLet’s make one thing perfectly clear: There’s a big difference between porn and pictures of ugly naked people.

So say the publishers of Going Natural magazine, which claims online payment service PayPal has abruptly stopped processing its subscription payments. E-mails from PayPal indicates the company considers Going Natural and its publisher, the Federation of Canadian Naturists, is selling sexual material and as such violates its acceptible use policies. Doesn’t PayPal realize that without its service, these nudists have no purchasing mechanism? Do we have to spell it out here? THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO PLACE TO CARRY A WALLET!

The FCN may dress lightly, but that doesn’t mean it’s taking this whole thing lightly. “”PayPal’s decision about Going Natural and its claims about the FCN are unfounded embellishments born of ignorance,” huffed Judy Williams, Government Affairs Director for the FCN. Oh, keep your shirt on, Judy. (Whoops. Too late.)