New app claims to let you program dreams

Published: April 12th, 2012
But who will save you from Freddy?
Probably not this app which was designed by a British pyschologist. Dream On is more of a data collection tool than a straight dream programmer. And there's no word on whether it helps arm you against nocturnal psychological serial killers.
What Dream On does is sit beside you as you sleep, monitoring your movements – using the iPhone's accelerometers – and noises and plays you music or soundscapes from a pre-determined set of “themes”. 
The app is trying to tease your brain into one path or another – Peaceful Garden and Ocean View are two of the options – but Richard Wiseman, who designed the app, is also interested in the data you enter after using it. I guess that better tunes it to know both what your triggers are and overall trigger trends worldwide.
If you're interested in a demo before buying, though it is free – supported by downloadable theme packs – you can check out a video on the CBC's story on it.
Original article: iPhone app aims to program your dreams (CBC Technology & Science)

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