How can you resist a suite with “Brute” in the name? Raw Logic's NetBrute is a suite of three tools to pound away at your network and reveal the gaps in your security defences.

NetBrute scans a range of IP addresses for resources shared through Microsoft file and printer sharing, as well as any server message block (SMB/CIFS) compatible shared resources (e.g. Samba servers) and determine whether they're password-protected. (Future versions of NetBrute may incorporate a dictionary attack password tester to ensure the strength of passwords, according to Raw Logic. In the meantime, the company offers a link to a brute force NetBIOS password tester on the same page as the suite download.) It also displays hidden resources using the older Microsoft NetShareEnum API call, and displays the IP address of every machine with sharing enabled, whether it's sharing resources or not.

PortScan, as the name suggests, scans for listening ports to detect open service ports (for FTP, Web servers, Telnet servers, etc.) and ensure they're password-protected. You can import your own port list, and Raw Logic helpfully provides a list of TCP ports associated with common Trojan Horses here.

WebBrute attempts a brute force user ID and password attack on Web sites running basic authentication. Users provide a list of user names and dictionary file; WebBrute displays the user name and password of any combination it successfully cracks.

NetBrute runs on Windows 9x, NT, 2000, ME and XP. Note that Windows Vista uses a different version of SMB; it's probably not compatible. Just another reason to save XP.

If you download and deploy, remember to return and rate as a service to your fellow readers. And, as always, use the e-mail link to let us know about any downloads you've found useful.

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