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“Julio Tang often gets mistaken for an ice cream vendor (on) his tricycle … with its bulky white box on the back.” So began a recent piece that caught my eye.
It turns out Julio, and his pal Jonathan Chang, are riding around Toronto on trikes outfitted with 360-degree Google street-view cameras. They're using the trikes to get to areas that can't be covered by the camera-equipped Prii (now officially the plural of Prius) we've seen around the city. Vancouver also has a trike team.
Seems Tang and Chang are constantly dealing with folks who insist on jumping in front of their camera-equipped velocipedes in an effort to be immortalized on the world's most ubiquitous search engine.
From creating cyberterrorism-fighting algorithms to dodging cars and fame hounds in 35-degree Celsius temperatures, its clear I.T. careers really do span an extraordinary range of competencies.
Dell Canada, with partner Intel, recently launched a campaign for a National I.T. Day. They're now on a quest for 10,000 signatures in support of a day of recognition for I.T. practitioners.
Whether in support of Julio and Jonathan out there pedaling in the heat or the I.T. professional who created that report that's helping you take your business to new levels of success, you just might want to sign that petition.

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