Okay, so I can’t make a lot of excuses about this. I can’t even say someone forcedme to say these words, because I wrote them myself. And as for my delivery, allI can say is I felt like death warmed over and I went home soon afterwards. Production-wiseI think it looks great, but something about the tone reminds me too much of Mel”Noooooobody!” Lastman and that Oliver “Cash Man” jewlery store guy.

The point of this promo, though, is that I’m really hoping to see as many peopleas possible sign up for this year’s ComputerWorld Canada

Blogging Idol competition. It’s probably our biggest opportunity for user-generatedstorytelling, and we’re willing to pay big bucks (1,000 of them, in fact) to theone who does the best job. So pardon me if I’m a little over the top in this clip.Just sign up and prove you can be a better blogger than I am a pitchman.

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