My broadband stinks

My broadband stinks

Published: May 8th, 2008

Ever the innovators, the English have gone where no broadband provider has gone before. H2O is installing fibre in Bournemouth, U.K., that will deliver 100-Mbps service to 88,000 homes. That’s enough bandwidth for on-demand HDTV, DVD quality downloads and high-definition gaming services.

And they’ll deliver it without digging a single trench or boring a sinle hole. They’re using the existing sewer system.

(Perhaps we should amend that bit about “where no broadband provider has gone before,” huh?)

I’ve always wanted 100 Mbps direct to my john. Imagine the work I’d get done.

There will always be the complainers, of course: there’s enough crap on TV; my connection stinks; flush twice, it’s a long way to the central office. However, thumbs up, says we. It’s a largely unused right-of-way (and with good reason) that could extend super high-speed access well into suburbia. Flush that fibre, boys!

Our rural neighbours are out of luck, however. At least until we can offer LTE-to-the-septic-tank connections.

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