More fun on smart phones

Published: January 7th, 2011
There's no shortage of games you can download on your cellphone and there is always one game already loaded on the mobile when you buy it. Personally, I was addicted to BrickBreaker, the simple game on my ancient BlackBerry Pearl. These games are quickly become more visually appealing on the screen, but what about off of your phone?  I'm talking about remote-controlled. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show  in Las Vegas, a company called   Orbotrix  showed off their Sphero ball. This ball is controlled by the iPhone, iPod Touch, iOS or Android device similar to a remote-controlled car. Imagine laying out a game on the floor like a maze, then being able to navigate the ball with a touch or tilt of your iPhone, sounds like fun right. The baseball-sized technology is connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth when you download a free app. I can't wait to see more of these devices. On that note, Sphero is about six months away from appearing on the market.

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