David Crow lists himself on his personal blog, among other things, as a “troublemaker,” but apparently that refers to getting himself in hot water.

The Microsoft user experience advisor/evangelist is often using Twitter to spread the word about technology jobs, new products from Redmond and thoughts on the IT industry. Today, however, out of nowhere, around 10:00 a.m., came this Tweet:

“Microsoft marketers can be douchebags.”

Finally! Some valuable, truthful content on Twitter! But then, seconds later, came the ever-so-slightly chastened retraction:

“But they are doing their jobs, even if I don't like it 😉 just frustrated but I'll get over it.”

Sure you will, Dave, but will your Microsoft overlords? No! You must self-flagellate!

“Technically, since I don't build product I guess that makes me a Microsoft marketer and therefore a douchebag,” came the next, almost nervously fast follow-up Tweet.

Hey, you said it, dude, not us. Don't sweat this though — evangelists are allowed the occasional lapse of faith. Just not on a social networking service.

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