Memo to spectrum bidders: Please stop

Published: June 19th, 2008

Dear Wireless Spectrum Auction Participants:

First of all, my sincere thanks for giving us such an exciting, compelling narrative to follow over the last three weeks. It’s had all the thrills, spills, disappointments and triumphs of the Euro 2008 FIFA championship.

But really, people. Enough is enough. You’re killing my assistant editor.

Howard is pale and twitchy, compulsively clicking his mouse for updates, and won’t leave his desk to eat or sleep. The frenetic pace of this round — 15-minute bidding sessions every half hour — is really taking its toll. And frankly, isn’t it pretty much settled?

Listen, you three, noodling over parcels in the Yukon and Northwest Territories — you know who you are — you’re holding up the whole process and driving Howard batty.

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