Don Tapscott continues his trailblazing path as an online innovator by deciding to do something completely unheard of in the Internet sector: launch a Web site using his own name as the URL!
The Wikinomics co-author sent out a message to his mailing list this week that reflected a profound bit of soul-searching that led, in Tapscott's words, to a “revelation”:
I've had many web sites and communities over the years based on each of my books and companies. I've finally been convinced that I am more than a collection of such and am, in fact, a person.

Actually, Don, you are not a person. You, sir, are a brand. Although, given that sidekick Anthony D. Williams is also an increasingly big part of your act, it might have made more sense to use Of course, that's a tad long, but we've created this link you can use instead: Consider it our contribution to your enterprise.
Tapscott also said the first task of this fledgling new online community will be coming up with the title of his next book, indicating the IT guru is finally taking the sub-title of Wikinomics (“How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything”) to heart. So far, all he and Athony have come up with is “Rebuilding the World for the Age of Networked Intelligence.” This sugests is not so much a crowdsourcing exercise but a cry for help. Shark Tales is happy to oblige. Our advice is to call the book Tapscottnomics: How Vanity Web Sites Change Nothing.