MRV Communications has added the Fiber Driver EM316-10G-XY, a 10-Gbps media converter for enterprise and carrier applications, to its XY family of optical media converters. In a news release the Chatsworth, Calif., company said the compact, hot-swappable, one-slot EM316-10G-XY combines two XFP ports and one SFP+ port. It can be set to act as a redundant converter, a WDM transponder or as a 10Gbps optical link repeater. It provides full 3R functionality for any 10G protocol within the range of 9.9 Gbps and 11.3 Gbps, supporting 10G Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET and SDH, in addition to FEC rates. The module may act as a redundant converter/transponder, by providing two redundant XFP-based optical links for the SFP+ based access port. When equipped with WDM XFP optics, the module becomes a redundant WDM transponder. With XFP optics reaching 100km without amplification, the EM316-10G-XY supplies significant distance extension over gray or WDM networks for enterprise and carrier markets, the company says.
“10Gbps networks are in flux with new fiber and copper standards hitting the market and companies pushing this performance to new parts of the enterprise, which is driving an increase in demand for network flexibility,” said Noam Lotan, MRV's chief executive officer. “The EM316-10G-XY allows our customers to optimize existing network infrastructures and prepare for future network evolutions in a cost effective way.”

MRV makes packet optical transport, carrier Ethernet and other networking gear

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