Mac celebrates 26th anniversary

Published: January 22nd, 2010
While we all sit down to watch both NFL Championship games this Sunday I have been reminded about the 1984 Super Bowl game between the then Los Angeles Raiders and the Washington Redskins.
If you fail to remember the game you are not alone because it was one of those Super Blow-outs 38 to 9 for the Raiders. But, what was memorable about the game was a commercial from Apple Computer Inc., where a female in white top with red shorts sprints down an aisle filled with bald-head people in grungy grey uniforms carrying a sledge hammer. She stops and throws the tool into a large black-and-white screen showing an older spectacled man mumbling something. The sledge hammer breaks the screen and the voice over tells the viewer that on January 24 Apple will release a product that will make 1984 no longer be 1984; referencing the George Orwell novell of a totalitarian state.
The commercial cost Apple US
$368,000 for 30 seconds to air during the Super Bowl and became more memorable than the larger than life football event. Click here if you want to watch the video.
The $368,000 seems like a pultry sum considering results – fantastic ROI. Even more iconic was the Mac itself. It has withstood the time of time and has become truly a remarkable product for the masses.


I can easily say there hasn’t been one other brand of PC that has lasted this long. The Mac has a devoted following second to none in the industry. The IBM ThinkPad, now Lenovo maybe second. They are the only two computers to make it into the Museum of Modern Art, which is saying something. So happy birthday Mac.


One quick hit before I go. I want to give a shout out to Glenn Mowat, formerly the president of Unis Lumin. He left the company during the holiday break last year. He has been replaced by Dale Bristow. I consider Mowat a friend to CDN and he has been a value-member of the channel community for many years. CDN wishes Mowat the very best.



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