Live from Lac Carling 2008

Published: June 3rd, 2008

There were no updates to this blog yesterday as I was busy posting to another one. I was attending this year’s Lac Carling Congress, which was held at the beautiful Queen’s Landing Inn in Niagara on-the-lake.

Lac Carling, now in its 12th year, is a conference for government IT and business professionals, and this year the focus was on exploring how Web 2.0 might improve the delivery of public sector services. Several departments in government, including Treasury Board Secretariat, are already conducting experiments, and other provinces and cities are weighing their options.

To try and walk the walk regarding Web 2.0, we launched a community server for Lac Carling where you can find my blog, along with those of several other attendees. If you’re a government IT professional, just sign up to carry on the Lac Carling experience long after the conference is over.