Just because something is opensource doesn’t mean it’s good. Linuxworks good on the server side but if you are a consumer, then how muchcan it help? Read on…

Well, not much. A lot of noobs jump on the linux boat thinking thereare just too many virus with Windows. Well, lack of virus is notsomething linux supporters should be boasting about. The only reasonlinux or macs don’t have virus is because their market share is solittle. The creators of virus don’t bother with linux at all.

If you are scared about virus, then install antivirus. Most ISPsprovide you with free latest version of good anti-virus, spyware andfirewall softwares. If you are a university student, then you alsoprobably get them for free from your institution. Install all of them.Also, start spending a little less time on cracked and porn websites.You will the number of annoying spyware popups disappearing quite fast.

Last year, dell started offering Ubuntu desktops and I saw a lot ofLinux fans becoming really happy. Well, there are some serious problemswith Ubuntu. First of all, wireless absolutely sucks. Second of all,you will come across tons of softwares of output devices that will notwork properly with Ubuntu. For instance, my friend couldn’t get TomtomGPS navigation software working on his Ubuntu. He called the supportand when he said he was using “Linux” the support guy just hang up.

Do your own research. Ubuntu is nice and makes you look cool if youlike to portray yourself as a cool “geek.” However, we won’t be able totons of stuff with it. You will get tired of it after a few days. UseLinux as your second or third operating system.