This is your last chance to participate in the 2009 BusinessAnalysis Benchmark study – and access your copy of last year’sresearch.  Last year, this research was circulated to a readership of20 million business and IT professionals around the world.  Thousandsof analysts and project managers leveraged their free access to thisstudy and used the data to communicate the impact of requirementsquality on project outcome.

This year’s theme is THE PATH TO SUCCESS.  The redesigned survey isshorter, and will help participants to both optimize the tactics neededfor improving performance given their maturity level, and better definethe business value of continuous improvement in requirements discoveryand management.

Completing the survey will take you about 10 minutes.  As always,access to the research will be freely given, your personal responsesare confidential, and I greatly appreciate your participation in thisimportant industry activity.  Use this link to see more about thesurvey, and get started:…

Or – type into your browser:…

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