Welcome from RSA Conference 2009 in sunny San Francisco!

Now that the SANS tutorials are just about wrapped up, it’s time tokick the conference into action. There are a few orientation-stylesessions scheduled for this afternoon, but this evening’s WelcomeReception will be the real opener.

The Welcome Reception is held in the exhibition hall, which I got asneak peek of a few minutes ago.  Any conference this size is bound tohave some flashy booths.  Here’s a few I noticed before I got tired ofdodging forklifts during the set up period.

  • Fortinet’s casino themed booth sporting the tagline “Don’t gamble with security.”
  • Venafi’s podium style presentation booth.  The person practicing reminded me of that ShamWow commercial I see on TV, but in a data security kind of way.  PGP had a similar booth, but it felt a bit more OxiClean.
  • IronKey’s huge USB stick, encrypted I presume, hanging from the rafters.
  • Google’s inflated ring suspended from the ceiling.  It is a cross between a blimp and a backyard swimming pool.
  • NSA’s walled perimeter.  I wanted to see more, but I didn’t have the right security clearance.
  • And of course, the RSA booth, which is roughly the size of a small city.

More on RSA Conference 2009 as the week unfolds.