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12.   Within the three month phase, parcel work into two-weekperiods; analyze for 2 weeks, then design and develop for 2 weeks (twodevelopers), and then test for 2 weeks. When the first 2 weeks ofanalysis is done, start the next two weeks of analysis in parallel tothe design/development; carry on in cascading 2 week periods until theentire project scope has been addressed.

OK, a 64 word-long paragraph is pushing the boundary of a‘Principle’, but this point is the basic building block of Cascade. Aretwo week periods too aggressive? I think not, based on experience. Ifind developers and a tester like to work in such quick bursts, asdelivering more results faster makes anyone feel more productive andaccomplished, and illustrates quickly what works and doesn’t work.However, small bits delivered quickly need to be integrated into anoverall solution, which leads to Principle #13.

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