Thanks to everyone in our audience who contributed their stories of technology-related initiative, hard work and triumph. You're about to get a lot more recognition.
We were worried (okay, I was really worried) that we wouldn't get much traction on ComputerWorld Canada's first IT Leadership Awards, which are scheduled to to be celebrated on Oct. 23 at the Toronto Board of Trade. I shouldn't have been. As a highly experienced loser of many journalism awards, I know most people wait until the absolute last minute to get their nominations in — and then ask for an extention. Without pre-empting our forthcoming coverage of nominees, suffice it to say you were all worth the weight.
We've obtained dozens of potential T Leaders across our various categories, which include the IT Leader of the Year, IT Champion of the Year, IT Manager of the Year, Rookie of the Year and IT Educator of the Year, among others. The people who will be considered by our judges are employed by some of the country's leading organizations, such as big banks, major federal public sector departments as well as a number of entrants to the SME divisions. By far, the largest group fell into the IT manager of the year category, and that's great — this is obviously the key demographic for ComputerWorld Canada and it shows that there's a need to shine the spotlight on these often overlooked individuals.
I thought those who entered might be interested in a little more detail on how they will be judged. Here are some of the criteria we'll be asking them to think about in terms of the project stories that demonstrate leadership ability:
  • Relevant and significant impact through actions for the corporation, staff or IT industry.
  • Measureable enhancement of quality and excellence in service for the benefit of the corporation, staff or industry served and IT industry.
  • Effective business process or improved organizational performance through the individual’s efforts.
  • Engagement in industry outreach, which, through initiatives, advances the IT profession.
  • Competitive enhancement or major advantage gained by the individual’s efforts or initiative.
  • Customer or staff satisfaction.
    You'll be seeing a lot more about our nominees and more profiles of our judges in the weeks to come. No matter who takes home the trophies, we will be doing everything possible to make sure these individuals get the exposure they deserve. We have a so much success to showcase!

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