Your company’s IT security profile may be like an old leaky ship. Data and information might be dangerously exposed and seeping into an outside malicious world – without you or your organization even knowing it. How secure is your IT security? Do you routinely test its robustness? Do you know how? Do you know the warning signs of “data leakage” – what to look for and where? Could your current risk exposure be sinking your business?

These issues of data security will be the topic of discussion I’ll be hosting on January 31 as part of IT World Canada’s Frankly Speaking series in Toronto, with special guest, security analyst David Senf of IDC Canada plus another yet-to-be-announced expert from Symantec Canada. Among other things, we’ll be discussing strategies for how to recognize the symptoms of data leakage, how to stop the bleeding, and ways to ensure a secure and protected IT environment.

It’s the things that you don’t know that can hurt you and your business. Where are your organization’s IT security holes?

I’ll be reporting on the key highlights of our upcoming discussion in a future posting in early February. Stay tuned.


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