Is Twitter Swine?

Is Twitter Swine?

Published: April 29th, 2009

Twitter had a “breakout” earlier this year in volume growth,traffic, and account growth. This was both impressive and viral in theinternet growth sense. It was great to see movie stars and athletestwitter about anything.

But now we need to get serious.

What value does Twitter have when it comes to playing on panic?True, Swine Flu H1N1 is a serious concern, but this is wheretraditional news outlets will shine, and Twitter will not.

It has to do with the ethics of news reporting. Reporters have aduty to report correctly and most accurately. Their reputation is onthe line. With twitter, fast posting will work against scenarios likewe are seeing now.

See these stories:

We live in the information world. We also live in a world whereinformation is thrown at us. Pareto analysis is now a requirement forus in which we need to filter out almost everything. Gettinginformation is achieved through knowing what is important. Knowing whatis important is achieved first through knowing which sources aretrustworthy.

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