Ashton Kutcher. I still won't watch any of his movies.

Ashton Kutcher. I still won’t watch any of his movies.

The online news is buzzing with the headline story that AshtonKutcher is the king of twitter. He now has 1 million followers. Whatdoes that mean for an actor’s worth? Is worth measured by annualincome, by number of paparazzi following, or by twitter followers?

Observing Hollywood through the twitter platform forces us to ask theworth of popularity. Could this now mean that Kutcher may get paid totweet that he is drinking a “can of Coca-cola?”

Even so, IT network administrators should still be on alert for viruses.
It would appear to me that the bubble brewing with twitter is growingsteam. I can personally hear the bubble because I hear the words“twitter” and “tweeting” on both the television and the radio. Yet, forthe life of me its value for we ordinary people is far less than forthose in media.

In effect, Twitter is an effective medium for news media. For thosewho are like me who are “just ordinary,” I am perfectly content usingTwitter as a way to keep my subscribers connected to both blogIdol and my stock investment blog.Number of followers is certainly not a measure of worth. It’s certainlyworth even less when you post an update…and get no responses!

After all, communication, no matter what channels are involved, istwo-way. For twitter, one-way is sufficient depending on who you are.