Gennum Corp. announced this week its Advanced Video Interface for Industrial Applications (AVIIA), a technology designed to let users upgrade their coaxial cabling systems to support high-definition video for distances of up to 100 metres.

The Burlington, Ont.-based manufacturer, which plans to demonstrate the interface next week at Tokyo’s Security Show 2009, said AVIAA will allow digital video recorder and camera manufacturers to make products that transmit HD over coaxial cable, rather than require users to install Category 5 Ethernet cable.

Gennum plans to have a reference design ready by April.

AVIAA includes transmit and receive functions, bi-directional transmission and the ability to transmit at full bandwidth with no compression. Gennum claims upgrading to Cat 5 cabling is more expensive, requires compression and is subject to hacking.

Gennum, which makes semiconductors and licences its designs to other component manufacturers, makes technology for video and data communications.

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