EMC's Iomega division has released a new series of its quad-drivedesktop NAS appliance,the StorCenter ix4-200d. Aimed at smallbusinesses, distributed offices and home office networks, the applianceprovides up to 8TB of networked storage. The ix4-200d, which starts atless that US$700, includes iSCSI block-level access for efficientstorage utilization, device-to-device replication to network targetsfor business continuity and file recovery, multiple RAIDconfigurations, Windows Active Directory support, remote access andmanagement, IP security camera support. This latest model has a newfront panel LCD and QuikTransfer button for one-touch copying ofselected files. It is also VMware-certified. Units come in 2TB, 4TB and8TB capacities of SATA II hard drives. There are dual Gigabit Ethernetports as well as three USB 2.0 ports for connecting extra storage. Theunit works in Windows, Linux and Mac environments, with network protocol support including CIFS/SMB/Rally,NFS, and AFP/Bonjour

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