In exactly one weeek's time delegrates from all areas of Canada's public sector will be gathering for GovSym to discuss the idea of “people as the new perimeter.”
As we finalize our lineup of speakers, I thought I'd offer a tour of the Executive Track, which I'll be hosting throughout the day.

Session I – Compliance

Canadian public sector organizations often have to meet stringent regulatory requirements or pass reviews and inspections of their IT security standards. This session will explore the existing and emerging frameworks and how they could be applied in a Canada-specific context. Learn how to develop effective business impact assessments and statements of sensitivity that will set the bar within the Canadian government.

Moderator: Shane Schick, Editor-in-Chief, IT World Canada

Panelists 1: Jim Hurley, Managing Director, IT Policy Compliance Group, Research Manager, Symantec Corporation

Panelists 2: Barton McKinley, Elections Canada

This is such an ongoing issue it seemed like the best place to start.
Session II – Crisis Mitigation
A comprehensive IT security program includes planning for all kinds of scenarios, from internal e-mail viruses to highly-publicized breaches involving citizen's personal information. This session will take a proactive approach and provide a checklist of activities around technology, communication and process to keep your organization out of the headlines.
Moderator: Shane Schick, Editor-in-Chief, IT World Canada
Panelist 1: Sam Chun, Director, Cyber Security Practice, U.S. Public Sector, HP
Panelist 2: Denise Ernst, Director, Information Security and Recoverability, Canadian Payments Association
Such a critical part of strategic planning, and a great pair of speakers.

Session III –  Policy Development and Enforcement

The rules around IT security are constantly changing, because the technology, people and threats are changing, too. Learn what is necessary to build more flexibility in security policies over the long term, and how to ensure employees buy in and support the core values around data protection in your organization. 

Moderator: Shane Schick, Editor-in-Chief, IT World Canada

Panelist 1: Tim Dafoe, Senior Advisor, Corporate Security Branch, Government of Ontario

Panelist 2: To be confirmed

My discussion with Tim may be among the important we have at GovSym, and I'm hoping the question and answer portion of the program will allow us to look at the differences at the federal and municipal level as well.
I'll highlight GovSym's Best Practices Track later this week. If you haven't signed up, now's the time.


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