It did not take long for Mike Gazdic to land a significant job at a major distributor. The former vendor management chief at Ingram Micro Canada is now the new vice president of marketing for Synnex Canada.

The long time distribution executive took time off during hisdeparture from Ingram to watch his kids play organizated sports.Gazdic’s Luke is a left winger playing currently for the Erie Otters. Luke Gazdic was drafted by the Dallas Stars in round 6. He was the 172 junior player chosen overall in the 2007 NHL entry draft.

One of the true good guys of this industry, Gazdic wanted to takethe summer off. However, great opportunities such as the top Synnexmarketing job is hard to take a pass on.

Besides the great news for Gazdic, a friend of CDN, thismove is an interesting given the current state of the economy inCanada. Distributors are taking it on the chin these days along withothers. Could this move mean that Synnex Canada is taking theinitiative in the marketplace?

Given that D&H Canada isa day away from its grand re-opening in Canada with its new facility itleads me to believe that Synnex will go on the offensive in preparationfor the eventual upturn in the economy.

We shall see what happens. CDN wishes Gazdic the very best in his new job.

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