There are revolutionary products, and there are products that are … jeez, I have no idea where I'm going with this. Let's cut the, um, crap. According to a press release that I'm still not certain I am actually reading, Navison Network, a geolocation service that triangulates cell tower and Wi-Fi hotspots to deliver your location more quickly than traditional GPS (says the company) has partnered with Densebrain Inc. on a smart phone app called SitOrSquat.
SitOrSquat uses geolocation and crowdsourced information to locate the nearest, um, public convenience for smart phone users. (Hence, one surmises, the need for faster triangulation than tradtitional GPS.)
We'll let the press release take it from here (why write it when someone else has already gone to the trouble?):
“Navizon software and the SitOrSquat app have made George Costanza’s iToilet App on the Curb Your Enthusiasm finale a useful reality,” said Cyril Houri, Navizon Founder/CEO, “I know many of us have been in that situation, especially after an adventurous and dubious meal or a hot dog on the street. This type of app fits very well with Navizon because essentially it works very much in the same way as Navizon does, through a community of users sharing information via crowdsourcing. It is thanks to these users that our coverage is always up-to-date and this is why we are able to obtain such a high success rate with our system.”
Sorry. Gotta go..