Published: February 27th, 2009

Everybody knows (irony alert) Apple's laptops are the coolest, the sexiest, the shiniest. Add to that another accolade: The most explosive.

U.K. Website The Inquirer (Actual slogan: News, reviews, facts and friction) reports that an Apple laptop blew up in the office of a London marketing firm, with flames shooting six feet into the air. And we all know U.K. newspapers never exaggerate.

The IT manager, identified only as “Steven,” told the Inquirer he was called to check out a workers thre- to four-year-old Powerbook when it started smoking. As he turned it over and set it down on the desk, flames erupted. When he returned with a fire extinguisher, there was a pop and flames shooting up to the ceiling.

Even after a fire marshal emptied half an extiguisher on the beast, it erupted into flames again. One empty extinguisher later, “the laptop was still hot and glowing and the battery was all molten inside and glowing red,” Steven said.

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