I kinda liked ‘tart fuel’ better

Published: February 4th, 2008

Podslurping has officially arrived, having been voted the Word of the Year by the Macquarie Dictionary, which bills itself as “Australia’s National Online Dictionary.” Strewth.

Podslurping — the act of downloading massive amounts of information to an MP3 player — beat out a wide and deep field of neologisms because of its “inventive and sensuous appeal. The committee felt that the most important criterion for word of the year should be linguistic creativity and evocativeness, rather than simple worthiness or usefulness. Podslurping also dips its lid to pod, a potent little word of our times.”

The winner in the business class was “infomania.” My votes, however, were firmly in the corner of “tart fuel” (“wine coolers and alcopops, viewed by men as deceptively alcoholic drinks that will lower a woman’s resistance to sexual advances”) and “arse antlers” (“a tattoo just above the buttocks, having a central section and curving extensions on each side”).

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