What happens on the heels of Apple stealing the headlines with its iPad launch? Well, in comes Super Bowl 44 and Google's first-ever Super Bowl ad beamed into the living rooms of millions of Americans. It was an ad called “Parisian Love,” timed a week before Valentine's day, and likely many a smart male out there took some notes as Google showed the world how to wield their search engine to sweep your soul mate off their feet.  A series of search queries begin innocently with “study abroad paris france”, leading to “how to impress a french girl” and after some preamble to  “how to assemble a crib.”.
A classy ad, from a company looking to maintain its reputation as one that “does no evil”.  In comparison to ads from GoDaddy and Dodge – Google certainly took the high road.  Mind you, the killer whale in a truck was an attention grabber too.    

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