Google Wave

Google Wave

Published: November 29th, 2009
Hi everyone!
Just had my invitation into the Google Wave Preview and it looks not only pretty, but promising.
Things I like:
  • The interface is intuitive and clean.  No flafla (useless things), no ads every corners, simple GUI with lots of options.
  • Already have some neat plugins.  My favourite one is the “Yes, No, Maybe?” that simply gets in the conversation and lets you have a fast idea of what the group thinks.
Things I miss as of now:
  • Contacts to communicate with!  Seriously, it does looks promising.  Problem is to find lots of people to test the limits of the applications.  Since it's a preview, there's limited places.  And since it's a communication and collaboration platform… You need lots of contacts to test it fully!
Things I don't like:
  • None for the moment.  I may add a little later on with further testing. 
Anyone has tried it yet? 

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