Extra, Extra, Read All About It! Some Time Ago, Google launchedGoogle Profiles.  Not a lot of people paid a lot of attention to itthen – but we’re paying attention now….Google Profiles – Now On Google.Com

Google has never liked Facebook.  We allremember the buzz last year, when it was rumoured a Google-Facebookdeal was in the works.  It never happened.   Now Google, the king ofsearch, is looking to beat facebook at their own game.  Finding People.  When it comes to searching for people, Facebook is the place we all seem to go. 

Google wants to change chat.  And if Google can acquire Twitter,searching for People “now” might well be the next big game changer. How scary would that be?

Google + Twitter = Big Brother Computer

Where are you Dave? What are you doing Dave? I wouldn’t do that if I were you Dave.

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