Google Map of Swine Flu

Published: April 27th, 2009

Google map is a very powerful tool. News of the swine flu outbreakbroke this past weekend. Here is a link illustrating the location ofpeople with H1N1 Swine flu reported infected in North America:,9.316406&spn=34.792294,79.101563&t=h&z=4

Here is a link of the location of the H1N1 reports in Europe:,9.316406&spn=34.792294,79.101563&t=h&z=4

Be cautioned that this map illustrates only reported incidents ofthe outbreak. It does not illustrate the frequency of occurence, timereported, or any other statistics for which any conclusion may be made.

A second comment may be made about the news of the current outbreakand the epidemiology of the swine flu. Prompt data collection will beimportant in monitoring the spread and and containment of H1N1.Business Intelligence software and other statistical tools will beimportant in quantifying the spread.

Technology and tools will play its role in the monitoring of thecurrent outbreak, but the lessons learned from SARS will be even moreimportant.

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This one is interesting: Facebook and Twitter may cause mass panic and spread false information:

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