This week`s resource selections focuses on process improvement andstrengthening the organization’s operational resiliency. Have youimproved the recoverability of your critical systems in the past year?– i.e. it is time you started! Finally, any time spent improving yourunderstanding of strategy is time well spent, a couple of excellentsources of best practice are also provided.

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Resiliency Engineering Research
Since 2001, CERT has been working in the areas of security processimprovement and operational resiliency management and engineering.Beginning with the introduction of the OCTAVE Method, CERT has beenresearching and developing tools, techniques, and methods that helporganizations manage operational risk and improve operationalresiliency.

The Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council
The CIO Council’s existence was codified into law by the U.S. Congressin the E-Government Act of 2002. The CIO Council serves as theprincipal interagency forum for improving practices in the design,modernization, use, sharing, and performance of Federal Governmentagency information resources.

20/20 vision: Tomorrow’s business reporting
Today’s financial reporting model is rooted in the Great Depression, atime when hard assets such as factories, equipment and land createdvalue. Today, intangibles — strategy, innovation, people, customerloyalty, leadership, technological change, research and development,competitor activities, climate change, patents, reputation — create ordestroy value.
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Global Best Practices – Performance improvement
Performance improvement begins with measuring the effectiveness andefficiency of business operations to identify and implement changesneeded for optimal success. It involves methodical approaches tobusiness process management, including ongoing efforts to identify yourcompany’s strengths and weaknesses.

Strategy+Business Magazine

Recent Research Online
This site offers a glimpse at the most relevant academic thinking aboutbusiness and management. It cuts straight to the bottom line, allowingbusy executives and decision makers to stay informed.

Sentinel – IT Governance monthly newsletter
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