Where do we go when we need answers? Google!

Where do we go when we need REAL answers from REAL people?  Maybe Yahoo Answers. Maybe Linked In?

How about Twitter???! Yes, believe it….Read on…

This Twitter ride is just getting wilder and wilder.   Enter ToAnswer

Twitter Meets Yahoo! Answers.  Now I ask questions on Twitter allthe time.  The answers I get, come from the “braintrust” that isfollowing me – so the quality of the answers is correlated to theintelligence, willingnesss and aptitude of those “followers” to enrichmy life with their wisdom.

ToAnswer extends the “Twitter model” and mashesthat up against a website that non-twitter users can also interactwith, ask questions and/or consume via an RSS feed.  This is not justuseful, but “if the people come”, could be something to make Yahoo!Answers worried about.  Of course, I don’t see why Yahoo would not justadd Twitter to their service.  I would digg that!! 

Here is a great article that I just dug up that not only talks about toanswer, as it is appropriately titled 5 Ways To Get Your Questions Answered On Twitter.

Oh, one small watchout with ToAnswer – it’s “freshly built”,apparently by a lone developer, and I just had to refresh a couple oftimes before the site came up.  So “be nice”…it is $free$ after all.

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