Future of Facebook in Doubt

Published: August 14th, 2008

Is this microphone on?

I was reading a very interesting article in business week magazine. Facebook insiders have started to sell (private sales) their stake in the company. At first this only included executives/owners but now facebook has begun to allow workers to do the same.

When Microsoft bought a stake in the company, it was valued at $15B. Recent insider selling suggests the company might only be worth 1/3 that, at 5B.


I attended a development seminar about facebook advertising and was not impressed. The IQ remains quite low in terms of targeted marketing. I believe the company will need to more smartly target the audience and move beyond simple banner ads.

Other that Facebook, how have you all been? The contest has propelled me to push my blogging further. I’m writing a lot more about the stock market and finance, because it is my passion. Stock market analysis in inherently dry, empty and capitalistic, but I am finding joy in writing in this topic.

Here is my site:

It is ad-supported by Google AdSense. Yes, I have comments about AdSense…stay tuned…

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