This week`s resource selections covers ethics, project management, psychology, leadership, and even a bit of basketball.

– Dan Swanson

1. Ethisphere’s Expert Corner and the Ethisphere Magazine
Interviews and articles by various leaders and subject matter experts.In an age of deeper government scrutiny of business operations,increased civil and criminal penalties for compliance failure, andheightened consumer awareness and sophistication, organizations thatwant to lead realize that there is a direct link between ethics andprofits. Ethisphere Magazine was created to illuminate this importantcorrelation. Its mission is to help corporate executives guide theirenterprises toward gaining market share and creating sustainablecompetitive advantage through better business practices and corporatecitizenship.

2. Are You Learning From Project to Project?
If you’re among the 99 percent of us who fail this simple test—butshouldn’t—you could be in a position of weakness, to the detriment ofyour current and upcoming projects.

3. Four stages of competence
In psychology, the four stages of competence, or the “consciouscompetence” learning model relates to the psychological states involvedin the process of progressing from incompetence to competence in askill.

4. What Can Managers Learn From College Basketball?
To gain insights into the labor market, consider how basketball coaches move from one job to another.

5. Eight Dumb Project Management Beliefs
There is much more to learn within the project management professionthan meets the eye of the casual practitioner/observer. This listdiscloses eight commonly held beliefs that are thought to be true, butare all false.

6. Teamwork and Creativity Help to Identify Root Causes
In problem-solving methodologies, identifying potential causes is acrucial step between process mapping and data collection and analysis.It involves the best available process knowledge, as well ascreativity. Creativity and team management tools, more often employedfor solution finding than for root cause finding, can generate deepunderstanding of the process mechanics and help the team prepare forthe distilling and data-based validation of the “essential few” rootcauses of a problem.

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