Palm Pre isn't even out yet and there's talk of a Successor

Palm Pre isn’t even out yet and there’s talk of a Successor

Palm announced in its blog. This is for anyone under its “Real Reviewers” program.

There’s just one catch.

You need to be a U.S. Citizen.

I do not believe it will matter. Pre is coming in at a very badeconomic time. $199 or $249 (depending on the plan) is a bit much.Worse, Pre has 5 major competitors to contend with. All are much moreestablished. This latter point will make Palm Pre its initial launchless likely to be a success.

With Pre not even available, there are already rumors that Palm is releasing Pre successor: Palm Eos. Here’s the story.

Palm Eos. Pre isn't even out yet!

Palm Eos. Pre isn’t even out yet!

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Right now everything is a rumor, but Palm is thought to be aiming at a more reasonable price point. $99 (after rebates).

Disclosure: Short position on Palm Illustrated on KaChing.Com
(If anyone wonders what this kaChing Thing’s a virtual investment trading game that will rock the investment world in late summer, 2009. More here. API developers wanted.)

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