Fluke Networks has released the Fiber OneShot Pro, a one-button troubleshooter for single mode fibre networks. The manufacturer says the device can test access network links up to 24 kilometers (15 miles).

The unit “makes it possible for a technician with very little training to find the most common faults impacting fiber network performance — from detecting bad splices and breaks to finding severe macro and microbends,” Ed Sztuka, vice-president for the company's communications service providers division said in a news release.

The testing range, he added, allows technicians to quickly cover both large rural networks.

The company says the unit can help locate severe bends, high-loss splices, breaks and dirty connectors in singlemode fibre; locate sources of bit-error rates caused by end-face contamination or poor connection leads; and report up to nine multiple events per fiber link.

It can also save and store up to 99 test results for later review, confirm channel connectivity by analyzing the fibre link.

No pricing was announced.

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