About an hour ago, Art Coviello, Executive VP of EMC and President of RSA, gave the opening keynote at RSA Conference 2009. His message was clear: it’s time to stop offering security via pointsolutions, and time to start collaborating – not token collaboration,as in “let’s sell our bundled products”, but real collaboration, as in“let’s integrate our products, and while were at it, lets make themwork in the context of this security platform.”

Coviello referenced RSA Key Manager as a technology that can beintegrated into existing “point” solution – I say “point” because, asyou integrate other technologies you drift away from the conventionalunderstanding of point security solutions.  That Coviello made anexample of an RSA technology is not a big deal, he is the President ofRSA after all.  What is even more interesting is the extension of histhinking – can we take it to the next level?  Can we make securitysolutions that integrate with any Key Management system?  In doing so,the strongest security businesses will be those that are the mostsuccessful at collaboration and those that offer technology and frameworks that most easily lend themselves towards collaboration.

Come on people now, smile on your brother. Everybody get together. Try and love one another. Right now.

Dave Morgan, Director of Privacy Research at Camouflage Software Inc.
Guest blogger for ComputerWorld Canada at RSA Conference 2009
Regular blogger for Cogitatio Privatim by Camouflage


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