Ethernet may get a lot faster

Published: February 6th, 2009

It doesn’t seem so long ago that 100 Megabit per second Ethernet wasthe fastest you could get using the nearly 40-year-old standard. Now itlooks like Terabit Ethernet could be on the way.

Inthe mid-70s, researchers at an obscure photocopier manufacturer knownas Xerox invented Ethernet, which is essentially a method of avoidingcollisions in data transmissions.

During the dot-com boom, theGigabitEthernet standard was ratified, followed by 10Gigabit Ethernet a few years later.

Now, publishedreports indicate researchers in Denmark and Australia are working on awaveguidethat can de-multiplex 64 channels of 10 Gbps traffic, andexperts say this could pave the way for terabit Ethernet.

10Gigabit Ethernet is used on metro-area services, such as ManagedWave, a service offered by Cogeco Data Services, formerlyToronto Hydro Telecom.

With the amount of video passing overnetworks these days, it’s not a stretch to imagine users will soon wantterabit speeds using a protocol enterprise IT managers are aware of.

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