Enablence is now flush

Published: May 12th, 2009

Taking advantage of seemingly bouyant markets, an Ottawa makerof components for network equipment makers and service providers, hasraised another $13.8 million on the Toronto Venture Exchange. It wasthe fourth time Enablence Technologies has gone to the market for moneyin the company’s history, and comes after its purchase in November of Panaway Networks pushed it into the red.
The company, headed by president and CEO Arvind Chhatbar, said it willuse the the net proceeds for working capital to strengthen its balancesheet, expand product lines, vertical integration and for generalcorporate, research and development, and marketing activities.
Enablence’s latest products are a 40 Gbps tunable optical dispersioncompensator (TODC), a multicast switch, a high speed DWDM forTransmitter/Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (TOSA/ROSA), and a photodiodechip with integrated bandpass filter.

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