There were a lot of great posts on this year’s Blogging Idol but only one person can win the Editorial Quality Award: first-time blogger Asma Rafi!

Dave Webb, Editor of ComputerWorld Canada, hand-picked Rafi from more than a dozen competitors. “Asma’s blogging appealed to the old-school grammar cop in me. It didn’t lapse into the lazy habits that plague so many in the blogosphere, the sentence fragments, emoticons and SMS shorthand,” he said. “It was also on target in terms of the subject matter, and genuinely useful stuff. I think fellow blogger Pedro Cardoso hit the nail on the head when he referred to her as ‘the Business Process/Project Management Queen.’”

Asma, you have won a complementary pass to Search Engine Strategies Toronto, taking place in early June. We’ll follow up with you with details about your pass. From all of us at ComputerWorld Canada, congratulations.

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