With sincere apologies to Bob Geldof, Boy George, Paul McCartney, Bananarama, Bono and the other Band-Aid artists who helped raised money for relief to Ethiopia before Christmas 1984

It’s competition time
And there’s no need to sign a plan



More cell provider choice

We banish long distance fees and users will rejoice



And in your world of plenty

We can spread a smile of joy



Throw your arms ‘round your cell phone

It’s competition time



But say a prayer

As the incumbent carrier hollers

With new competitors, it’s hard, when you’re raking in big dollars



There’s a world inside your cell plan

A world of hidden charges and fees

Where the only data flowing makes you look at your bill and say oh jeez

And the mobile phone that rings there

Are the clanging chimes of debt

Well tonight thank Globalive

Instead of Bell



And there won’t be locked in contracts for new subscribers

The greatest gift they’ll get is not locked in

Where data’s never capped

No hidden fees or crap

Don’t they know there’s more competition now



Here’s to you raise a glass for Globalive

Here’s to them profits just might take a dive

Don’t they know competition’s been revived


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