plumchoice.jpgJust what the industry needs: a sounding board for common technical support frustrations. A U.S. online PC service firm called PlumChoice has launched a “Whine and Win” contest where it’s asking consumers to submit their IT horror stories to their blog for the chance to get free support until 2010.

“Call it divine retribution or our urge to make all that is wrong in the world of consumer technology right again…either way, you have a chance to win something pretty big just for whining. What could be better!” the site says.

I’m tempted to forward this to my wife, who as the resident de facto IT person at the small business where she works is constantly dealing with these kinds of services. I don’t think this is open to Canadian residents, but if it proves successful, I’d expect to see something similar from Geek Squad or Nerds on Site. For IT managers, it might be worth reading this blog — and maybe head some of your future troubleshooting issues off at the pass.

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