Motorola isbringing its Motoblur service for Android-based smart phones to Canadaon three handsets in Q2 this year. Glenn Kennedy, national account managerat Motorola, demoed the devices for ComputerWorld Canadaat a recent press event in Toronto.

The Quench via Rogers

The Quenchis a 3.1-inch touch screen smart phone that runs Android 1.5 and supportsAdobe Flash Lite, pinch-and-zoom, and includes a trackpad button and a 5MPcamera with digital zoom and LED flash. One music feature streams thelyrics of the song you are listening to at the bottom of the screen,translates the lyrics into other languages and finds other people listening tothe same song at the same time on Google Maps. The Quench also supports a newtyping method for touchscreen keyboards, based on software from Swype Inc., which works bysliding your fingers from key to key to spell out a word.

The Dext via Bell

The Dext is a 3.1-inch touch screen phone with a slide-out keyboard that has a built-in spring mechanism, 5MP camera and runs Android 1.5. Motorola took its time perfecting the keyboard on the Dext, which resembles the layout of a game controller, said Neal Foster, director of product management for Motorola Canada, who was also on-hand at the Motorola event.  

The Backflip via Telus

The Blackflip is a 3.1-inch touch screen phone with a “reverse” flip keyboard and touchpad on the back of the screen so your fingers don’t get in the way when navigating. By flipping the keyboard, the phone screen can remain vertical while resting on a tabletop, which is handy for slideshows or operating as an alarm clock. It runs Android 1.5 and includes a 5MP camera.  

Launch dates haven't been announced. For more details on Motoblur, you can read the full story here: Motorola’s ‘secret sauce’ for Android


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