Dancing with who the heck is that?

Published: February 20th, 2009

So Apple co-founder Steve (The Other Steve) Wozniak will appear in Dancing With The Stars this season, alongside former NFL linebacker Lawrence Taylor, singer-poet Jewel, ex-Mrs.-Charlie-Sheen-turned-reality-show-fodder Denise Richards and many more.

What separates Woz from the others on the show? People outside of the IT industry know who they are.

We will, of course, be cheering heartily for Wozniak, especially if, as rumoured, he performs on a Segway. (Unless it comes down to choosing to eliminate him or Belinda Carlisle, formerly of all-girl band The Go Gos. The bonds of a 25-year-crush won’t allow it.)

This may also set a precedent that could allow us to see Larry Ellison elegantly samba, Steve Ballmer frantically jitterbug, and other high-tech leaders shakin’ their moneymakers.

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